We Are the World hanger

Functional Art

Coat/Hat hangers

Spoons, door knobs, and drawer knobs turn these unique pieces into functional coat and/or hat hangers.

Flower/Herb holders

One of my favorite types of “functional art” are those that are not only aethetically pleasing, but also provide a space for flowers and herbs.

Key hangers

The defining feature on this collection are the key-sized hooks that turn them these cute pieces into “key hangers.”


These photo frames are embellished with hand-painted designs and interesting wood.

Leash Hangers

Cute works that have various hooks and knobs to provide a spot for your pooch’s leash.


These pieces have multiple uses.  Find combinations like coat hangers/flower holders.

Reminder Blocks

What’s a reminder block you ask?  Well, if I had a nickel for every time I forgot my lunch, or forgot to take out the garbage, or… I hate to admit… turn off the stove… well, you know how the saying goes.  That’s why I started making these cute and very useful pieces!

Hand-painted, and about 3.5″ x 3.5″.

Other Useful Items

Towel, robe, and apron hangers, business card holders, bottle openers, mail holders, kitchen utensil hangers, shelves, bird houses, and jewelry organizers are found in this “miscellaneous” category.

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