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Memories in the Making: Alzheimer’s Association

A few months back, someone contacted me via Etsy about donating a piece of art to the Alheimer’s Association’s event, Memories in the Making.  I was asked to design a wooden artist’s palette, which would be in a silent auction, along with hundreds of other original works by local artists and Alzheimer’s patients alike.

I jumped at the opportunity to raise money for a good cause and get some local exposure.

The design for my palette celebrated the local food movement.  The growing amount of family gardens and backyard chickens are truly inspiring!  Here are some photos of my “Doodle Doo key hanger” palette:

Doodle doo key hanger Doodle doo key hanger

We attended the art auction on May 20, 2014.  It was such a fun event right here in town, and lots of money was raised!