Flower Arranging

I love flowers!  I also love putting them into beautiful arrangements!  I have done flower arranging in various contexts–at work, at home, for the holidays–but I also have 3 weddings under my belt!

wedding #1

I did ALL the flowers.  About 30 centerpieces, 1 large bouquet, 1 medium bouquet, 4 bridesmaids’ bouquets, 8 boutineers, 2 corsages, and 1 bride’s bouquet.

wedding #2 (mine!)

I did the bride’s (my) bouquet, 5 bridesmaid’s bouquets, 7 boutineers, and 30 succulent centerpieces.  Photos by Amanda Kopp.

wedding #3

I was in charge of some centerpieces, 3 bridesmaid’s bouquets, and 1 bridal bouquet.  First two photos by The Willinghams Photography.


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